The Seedling Cafè and Catering

Catering Options

Office Specails
(24 hour notice, 10 person minimum please)

10 person minium

Lunch Platters

Seedling Signature Wrap platter- $8.25 per person
6 person minimum
Assortment of Seedling's
signature wraps
Add chips and pickles for $0.75 more per person
Office Special 1- $19.25 per person: Seedling signature wrap platter, choice of 2 sides, fresh fruit salad, cookie and brownie tray and assorted beverages
Office Special 2- $13.75 per person: Seedling Signature Wrap platter, potato chips, choice of catering salad with dressing and assorted beverages
Office Specail 3- $13.00 per person: Seedling signature wrap platter, potato chips, fresh fruit salad and assorted beverages
Garden Salad- $2.50 per person: Mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and our homemade croutons
Caesar Salad- $2.50 per person: Chopped romaine hearts, shredded parmesan, grape tomatoes and our homeade croutons

($30.00 per gallon)

Cookie & Brownie Tray
($2.00 per person,10 person minimum)

Always seasonal, always fresh, always changing!
Inquire today!
Freshly Baked homemade
cookies and brownies

($2.50 per person, 10 person minimum, 24 hour notice please)

Marinated balsamic vegetable salad (48 hour notice plase)
Sun-dried tomato pasta salad
Dijon dilled potato salad
Fresh Fruit Salad ($2.75/person)
Sweet potato salad
Southwest quinoa vegetable salad
Specaial coleslaw
Seedling chicken salad ($3.00/person)